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Live Review: The Bronx, Violent Soho, Hostile Objects

26 April 2013 | 8:43 am | James Dawson

The Bronx are a real punk rock band. No glitz, no bullshit – just good times, with a bit of “fuck you” for good measure.

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Having sold out three consecutive shows in a reasonably intimate venue – and returning to the home of their infamous first Sydney show – The Bronx were up close and personal tonight. The crowd knew it and so did the two bands supporting Australia's favourite Californian punk band. Hostile Objects kicked the night off grandly, with a tight set composed of thrashy punk numbers. The band moved quickly and efficiently between songs, whilst the band's lanky frontman stalked the stage screaming vehemently at the crowd. Those who were there to witness these guys indeed saw some old school fuck you punk.

Violent Soho knew who was coming on after them and what it would take to stand apart from The Bronx. Their brand of Nirvana-infused rock worked a treat, but it was the band's unfailing energy on stage for a full 45 minutes that was truly inspirational. This reviewer has never seen a drummer play so hard and so intently for that long. Violent Soho played a selection of songs from their upcoming new album and by the songs we heard tonight, it's going to be amazing.

Matt Caughthran could easily be one of punk's best frontmen ever. Big call, however the proof was laid out for us tonight, as he worked the room as though he were in front of tens of thousands. The bar was his stage moreso than the stage itself, as he wanted to be a part of the audience. The Bronx put on an absolutely riotous performance, kicking off with The Unholy Hand and moving immediately into White Tar. The energy rolling off of the band quickly ignited the crowd and whilst it was rough, the punk crowd knows how to take care of their own, so well done guys. The 80 minute set was wrapped up with a raucous version of I Got Chills, with the highlight tonight being Caughthran showing his appreciation for former Annandale owner Dan Rule in front of the crowd. The Bronx are a real punk rock band. No glitz, no bullshit – just good times, with a bit of “fuck you” for good measure.