Album Review: The Bombay Royale You Me Bullets Love Kristy Wandemaker

14 May 2012 | 6:22 pm | Kristy Wandmaker

Bombay Royale, is music so intense you can see it.

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Some smells are so intense you can taste them. You Me Bullets Love, the debut from Melbourne outfit The Bombay Royale, is music so intense you can see it. There is an immediate enticement to take a visual flight of fancy and enter into their world of full-blast fuzz horns with precision sharp shots and shrill twee vocals accompanied by the occasional Barry White baritone.

The title track had me crouched as a ninja, moving stealthily from corner to corner through some generic bad-arse neighbourhood, while JaanPehechanHo suddenly placed me at the beach, catching gnarly Bombora waves with The Atlantics. The futuristic funk of a seedy but legally legit exotic dance establishment came through on SoteSoteAdhiRaat, while the amazingly ear-flinching note reached in The Perfect Plan was climactic to say the least. 

Most songs are sung in another language (lyric translations available on their website if you're curious), so they could very well be singing about everyday mundane things such as cheese or shoelaces, but the entire album has a tension to it: it's poised at the cusp of some unfolding piece of drama or action, and it holds that suspense strongly from first to last.The album rounds out with some sweet oasis relief in the middle of a psychedelic desert called Phone BajeNa; allow your shoulders to relax as you slip into the cool.

There are occasional moments of funk that Jamiroquai would aspire to, there's a beach party feel that The Break could play alongside of, and there's the inescapable visual nature of the tracks. Their sound is total Bollywood Bond.

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