Album Review: Taken By Force - 'No Masters'

7 March 2016 | 11:06 am | Staff Writer
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It’s true that if you do something right, you’ll eventually get commended for it, whether it takes ten months or ten years. That’s a truth that Newcastle hardcore outfit Taken By Force are counting on, because their consistently solid musical output does deserve significant recognition.

The proof lies in their latest EP, ‘No Masters’. Musically, it’s everything you want from a hardcore album when you’re commuting all the time and you only have thirteen minutes to enjoy your headbanging window. It’s sardine-packed with chugs, some sick electrics to break up the recipe (‘Taken By Force’), hard drums, spitting vocals, and best of all, a recurrent angst.

Apart from a lowered-tempo and ominous moment on the end track, a community-inclusive moment on ‘Drowning’, a guest spot from Merauder's Jorge Rosado, and a Bronson quote on ‘Face Of Death’, this album is pretty typical of what you’d expect from a band in the hardcore scene. That doesn’t make it bad, just conventional, which, depending on how hipster you’re trying to be, will determine whether or not you enjoy this release.

If what you seek is some snappy, short hardcore that will keep you on your toes, allow you to express your apoplectic mood and generally make you feel brutal, then look no further.  Taken By Force will steal your black heart of stone with their heavy comedowns if that’s what you’re into, and we guarantee that they’re an artist to watch over the next year.

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1. Taken By Force

2. No Masters

3. Face Of Death

4. Drowning

5. Saviour