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Live Review: Sunnyboys, The Riptides, The New Christs

18 March 2015 | 9:49 am | Max Harrison

The Aussie post-punk veterans inspired love and admiration from the crowd.

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Three vintage Australian punk bands graced the Enmore stage on Saturday night. Playing to a rowdy crowd sporting earrings and studded belts the bands each hosted their own flavour of Australiana for this evening of madness hosted by Sunnyboys. Punters arrived in droves and by 7pm the Enmore was already packed to the brim for
The New Christs
, who delivered their straight-up punk with swagger. 

Next up to the plate were Brisbane’s The Riptides, fronted by Mark Callaghan. These guys kicked the room into shape with some Aussie surf-pop, reminding everyone they were there to have fun. The Riptides only recently released their first and long-lost album through a Pledge Music campaign and this show was their first for their return to the spotlight. Callaghan introduced the album’s title track, Tombs Of Gold, as ‘an Egyptian love song’, which featured an organ solo and changing tempos, a credit to the band’s flawless drummer.

The evening’s headliners finally strutted onto the stage to waves of approval. Post-punks Sunnyboys are Aussie cult heroes and the adoration from the packed-in punters was palpable. They kicked into gear immediately with loud guitars and a pounding anchor of bass and drums showing off their gourmet style of Australiana. All four original members were assembled for the evening: Oxley brothers, guitarist Jeremy and bass player Peter; drummer Bill Bilson; and guitarist Richard Burgman, who sported an Akubra for the occasion.

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It was Jeremy Oxley’s powerful presence that stood out; his strong vocal performance and Hendrix Stratocaster and Marshall stack combo catapulting the band from one song to the next. After an 80-minute set the encore topped off with their Countdown classic, Alone With You, the debut single that kicked the quartet into stardom.