Album Review: Spod – Adult Fantasy

16 July 2019 | 1:05 pm | Liz Giuffre

"Wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful."

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Well here’s a blast from the indie '90s and '00s. Wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful, the one-man band (with a few mates) is back, as he puts it in the final track, "to have one more Golden Gaytime". The resulting album, Adult Fantasy, will satisfy fans from back in the day, and likely confuse those who weren’t there. Not that this is a bad thing – young kids, go back, google and see what you missed. Think Unit-era Regurgitator but with a rougher edge. 

Spod’s love of trashy '80s-style synth remains, especially with Sexual Fantasy, Warning Sign and My Body Is Ready. Another standout is Tonight’s The Night (sadly not a cover of the Rod Stewart track of the same name, but still pretty great). Really the triumph is Golden Gaytime - a 40-minute epic with glorious guests, unnecessary side steps and an auto-generated spoken word section. The last five minutes are worth it alone – hilarious! To be fair, this album probably won't win any awards, but if the listener gets half as much fun listening as it seems Spod had making it, then that certainly is a win. May there be more just plain silliness in our industry.