Live Review: Snakadaktal, Sures, Bastian's Happy Flight

7 August 2012 | 10:16 am | Rebekah Barnett

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Snakadaktal took control of the Astor Theatre on Saturday night for the Perth leg of their Dance Bear tour, hot off the release of their new single of the same name. As half the band is underage it was only fitting that the gig be all ages, so as the legal punters headed upstairs to the bar, gaggles of excitable underage hipsters grouped around the stage in eager expectation.

Bastian's Happy Flight opened with their '80s synth-infused dance/pop. That sound can be so naff, but the guys pulled it off with humour and genuine skill. Lead singer Will Slade's falsetto vocals were neat, and the bass synth player, who appeared to be doing not a whole lot at first, turned out to be the surprise hit when he whipped out his saxophone. Main supports Sures have all the elements of a very good band, but the glue was missing to stick it all together. Their best-known song, Poseidon, translated well live, but some forgettable tunes and an oddly ordered set list meant they peaked early and then flat-lined. Sures certainly show promise, and their good luck in the gene-pool stakes will likely keep all eyes on them until they've got their live show down pat.

Snakadaktal came on stage and delivered their set with the self-assuredness of seasoned performers, despite being fresh out of high school. Having won triple j's Unearthed High competition only just last year, expectations were high. With not a shred of precociousness, their performance was sophisticated and authentic. There was an air of anti-ego that allowed the music itself to sit in the centre of everything and become transcendent, to the point where each song was an experience.

Considering Snakadaktal have only one EP in their discography, it was impressive that they played for over an hour. The band showcased a lot of new material, of which the song Olivia was a particular stand out. Previous singles Chimera and Air were rapturously received, and showed off Phoebe Cockburn's dreamy vocals superbly. Sean Kelly (vocals and guitar) was especially wonderful to watch, rising to tip-toes when he sang, and always in earnest.

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Finishing on a high with Dance Bear, Snakadaktal ever so politely thanked their audience and called it a night, with no encore. Looks like those wanting more will have to keep their ear to the ground for an album.