Live Review: Slow Roast Records Tour - Villa

5 June 2012 | 4:55 pm | Chantelle Gabriel

More DJ Craze More DJ Craze

On the last leg of the Slow Roast Records tour, world renowned DJs Craze and Codes gave the audience no less than their all. Local DJ Angry Buda opened the show. Playing to an almost empty room, the veteran DJ still managed a high energy set, dropping hip hop, breaks and bass tracks in the theme of things to come.

As the venue began to fill up, Brooklyn, NYC-based beat maker and DJ Codes took the stage. Playing a set which encompassed mostly golden era hip hop and house, the crowd seemed to be eating out of the palm of his hand. His love of music and production was clear and his beat-matching flawless. Codes' skills as a producer as well as a turntablist were the perfect opener for what was to come.

By the time triple world DMC champion DJ Craze took to the stage, the venue was nearly full. It was clear he was the one that the crowd had come to see. The boss of the Slow Roast Records label, Craze's skills are unmatched. With a list of achievements also including the title of best scratch DJ in the world and tour DJ for Kanye West and Yelawolf, Craze was well worth the three hour wait. Starting his set at 1am, the DJ opened with hip hop favourites which then slowly transitioned into dubstep and drum'n'bass. A highlight of the talented DJ's set was his 15-minute tribute to The Beastie Boys, in particular MCA, playing crowd favourites such as Intergalactic and Ch-Check It Out. Craze also put on incredible scratch and beat juggling showcases, before closing with a dubstep remix of The Don, that left many wanting more.

Locals Ekko & Sidetrack closed the show. Opening with an a capella version of Jurassic 5's What's Golden and transitioning into a drum'n'bass remix of Fugees classic Ready Or Not, the duo played until the last patrons slowly left the venue knowing they'd witnessed a truly mind-blowing, unforgettable experience.

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