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Live Review: Skullcave, FOAM, The Pissedcolas, Calsspiritualjourney

21 October 2015 | 4:30 pm | Sean Drill

"Although only just over a year old, this is a band that has well and truly come into their own sound."

The band to start off the evening was Calsspiritualjourney, a two-piece whose sound is quite difficult to categorise. They make slow and hypnotic rock with Vangelis-like synth interludes.

The Pissedcolas played as a three-piece for the first time in a long time. It was an interesting set that strayed from the rockier side of punk through to grunge and finally settling in some beautiful post-rock territory. Sonically they were hitting all the right notes, especially the incredibly driving bass. Their sound was let down a little by their vocalist, but having seen them before, it may have been an issue with the mixing or just a bad night on the mic.

Grunge rockers FOAM took a really different direction on the night, opting to play a large number of their earlier songs. Their set had a more upbeat, indie rock sound. The audience seemed to really appreciate the change of direction, as they were the first band to get a crowd forming in front of the stage.

Headliners Skullcave took to the stage with the strum of a deep, grungy bass. By this time the front of the stage was packed with punters who were feeling the sound as much as watching the band play. Their near trance-inducing groove plodded along before building into heavy breakdowns, which provided the audience with a sense of relief. Although only just over a year old, this is a band that has well and truly come into their own sound.

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