Album Review: Skegss - 50 Push Ups For A Dollar

9 October 2015 | 3:50 pm | Cara Oliveri

"A giant piss-up captured in song."

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Punk rockers Skegss invite you to their epic house party full of rowdy tunes and good times.

Brewing youthful stoner rock that doesn't take itself too seriously, their debut EP 50 Push Ups For A Dollar is a giant piss-up captured in song. Cracking boozer Eat It is a microwave pizza of crusty guitar lines and cheesy but loveable lyrics that'll leave you hungry for more. Fun meanwhile just wants you to chill out and play some beer pong with its surf punk-filled red cups. It's not until some guy pulls out his guitar in Heart Attack that the party starts to wind down, making this one keg party you don't want to miss.