Live Review: Sam Fischer @ Howler, Melbourne

13 May 2024 | 10:00 am | Michael Prebeg

Sam Fischer takes us on an emotional roller-coaster with an intimate live showcase of his debut album, 'I Love You, Please Don’t Hate Me'.

Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer (Supplied)

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Singer-songwriter Jorja Dalton catches our attention early on with an acoustic cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love and a collection of her own original songs full of heart. She shines bright with sweet, crisp vocals and a beautiful falsetto to draw us into her heartfelt storytelling.

She shares a song never played live before written about a book she read called When We Collided, about young love and how you never forget your first. She throws in a beautiful cover of Tori Kelly’s Oceans and channels her parent’s grief into an emotionally moving song written from their point of view.

Chris Lanzon plays a stripped-back acoustic set with honest and intimate songs from his EP Dark Side. His lyrics are packed full of emotion, and despite his songs being a bit painful for some, he hopes that if we can relate to them, it may make us feel comforted in some way. One song called June, he shares, is about things ending right before they get good. “It’s pretty harsh but one of my favourites,” he says.

He shares a brand-new song coming out next week called Lilo, which he clarifies is a metaphor for being there for someone who needs you. He ends with an impressive cover of The Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris that turns the room into a massive singalong.

A voiceover warns us that the emotions we may encounter tonight include joy, happiness, heartbreak, and catharsis. We’re instructed to have fun, fall in love, deal with our demons, and be better off than when we arrived. 

The music builds as the band comes on stage, and Sam Fischer wants us to know that within these walls, we are safe, loved, and accepted for who we are. He begins with the title track of his brand-new debut album, I Love You, Please Don’t Hate Me. 

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“Confession, I am from Sydney, but low-key Melbourne shows are always my favourite. It’s so good to finally be home and putting out the album after so long,” he exclaims. Fischer continues with Afterglow, Secondhand Happiness and Hopeless Romantic. His soulful vocals are incredible live.

His next song is not on the new album, but he will forever play it at his shows because it means a lot to him and reminds him to be present in the moment, he reveals. “I’m lucky to be alive, and the only reason I get to do this is because of all of you,” he shares as we join in singing with him for I Got To Live. 

The voiceover warns us that the next part of the set is when the feelings really come out. “Feel free to cry and express yourself however you need to. Look out for each other and be nice,” says the computer-generated female voice. You Don’t Call Me Anymore is first up, and Fischer indulges us with his raw and honest heartfelt lyrics and showcases his smooth falsetto.

“I was going through some shit in LA and didn’t like myself at all. I was changing to fit other’’ mould, and that’s trash,” he reveals before sharing the collaboration he recorded with Demi Lovato, What Other People Say. Despite mostly knowing him for his sad songs, Fischer says, “I’m truly honoured to have written songs that people can feel safe in.” He shares the first song he wrote for the album and reveals he was super hammered when he wrote it at 1 am. It’s a love song and his favourite called Landslide.

“I never set out to be that artist who would write songs for people to represent everyone who was going through some struggle; I was just writing about what I know. But what was so beautiful about it was that in putting out songs, it made me feel like nothing I’ve ever felt was unique and I’m not alone. This song (Carry It Well) got me through a lot, and I hope it’s helped you,” he shares.

He treats us to a new song called Parents, which is coming out May 17. “Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow! I have an amazing mum. I am who I am because of her, and she did an amazing job raising me and my brothers and protecting us from our dad,” He reveals. He gets vulnerable and assures us that we’re not alone as he shares the deeply personal track. 

The voiceover tells us that the trauma is finally over; now, it’s time to party till the end. Iceberg and Alright lighten the mood with a more upbeat vibe to dance along to. 

“I don’t like encores. I don’t agree with them because it’s expected. I believe in giving all of me to you the first time,” he says. This City is the final track, and he kicks it off for the last show of the Australian leg of his tour with a remix version to leave us with a euphoric high.