Live Review: Salary, Young Robin, Pool Boy, Chief Richards, Moon Puppy Blues Band

27 July 2016 | 6:33 pm | Scott Aitken

"...a drummer and bassist kicked in with the thumping, foot-stomping rhythm that got people moving."

It seemed a little cold weather was no match for fans down at Amplifier Bar on Friday night, who were there to catch a great local line-up in support of Salary's Mini Moke Single Launch. Starting off the night was indie-pop four-piece Moon Puppy Blues Band who played a great set to the small yet attentive audience. The band busted out some nice groovy guitar sounds over a rock-steady beat from their bassist and drummer. The band played new track Train Window Summer Sweat, which got a good response before incorporating a sampler on My Trailer Park Sweetheart.

Chief Richards, aka Peter Bibby, arrived on stage shortly after to strap on an ape mask and play loud feedback-laden guitar loops through his cranked Fender amplifier. The singer mumbled through the mask "This is gonna be fucked!" before letting loose a flurry of overdriven guitar chords and wailing feedback, adding in a drum machine at certain points to give it more rhythm. "Thanks to Salary for having me. I'm not sure they knew what they were in for," joked Richards before he capped off the set with an epic Strokes-sounding multi-loop of uplifting guitar lines continuously added over one another.

Electronic trio Pool Boy managed to encourage fans to head inside, with Beth Commons kneeling at the edge of the stage crooning in a reverb-soaked voice over minimal beats and percussion from the other band members. The three delivered a great set of spacey, synth-laden tracks including a pulsing version of School and the epic sounds of Red Bull, which received a great response from the crowd.

Next it was time for the slick indie-pop/rock sounds of five-piece Young Robin who encouraged the audience to dance and surround the stage with their up-tempo songs and enthusiastic stage presence. The band tore through a fast-paced set that included songs from their Tether EP from earlier this year including an energetic singalong version of Ferndully.

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Just after 11pm all nine members of Salary arrived on stage and proceeded to kick off their set with You Don't Know My Style that showcased Sean Gorman's airy vocals blended in amongst lush instrumentation and the bright horns that punctuate the song. As the hour grew late, Gorman began Mini Moke on a soft acoustic guitar before the drummer and bassist kicked in with a thumping, foot-stomping rhythm that got people moving. The song had a very Arcade Fire/Sigur Ros feel in its epic sounds, complete with gliding strings, and all the musicians delivering a great performance of the song that garnered them a final cheer from the crowd.