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Live Review: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

18 March 2019 | 11:37 am | Stephen Munchenberg

"[Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever] should be on your must-see list."

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Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever drew a big crowd to The Palais for the penultimate night of the 2019 Adelaide Festival. The band’s previous visit to town was a sold out gig at a smaller venue, so clearly their fan base is increasing – and justifiably so.

Opening with The Hammer from their debut album Hope Downs, followed by older song Clean Slate, the mix of driving guitar riffs, a thumping rhythm section and three vocalists was infectious, and it was no surprise that bass player Joe Russo broke a string mid-set. This interruption to the show was actually a boon, allowing lengthy crowd interaction that may not have occurred otherwise: “This is pretty rare. Does anyone have a bass guitar?” 

The weather was perfect for the ‘outdoor’ performance, The Palais an open floating pontoon on the riverbank: “I must admit this is a beautiful gig, with a beautiful disco ball and it’s not every day you play on a boat, let alone on the mighty Torrens.” This is indeed an impressive venue and the stunning Festival Centre backdrop helped enhance the atmosphere.

Popular songs Talking Straight and Mainland had the crowd singing along in time, while French Press was also a clear standout. After an hour and ten minutes the band exited, returning very shortly for a two-song encore that finished up the show just after midnight.

With an impressive live presence, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever continue to prove themselves as a great guitar band – they should be on your must-see list.