Album Review: Roland Tings - Each Moment A Diamond

3 March 2017 | 4:34 pm | Samantha Jonscher

"Epic and incredibly mature."

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Following his acclaimed self-titled debut in 2015, Melbourne's Roland Tings quickly followed up with his single Hedonist.

An enticing taste of things to come, Tings then went quiet for over a year. Now he delivers the main course with his new EP Each Moment A Diamond which includes the epic and incredibly mature Hedonist beside a suite of equally impressive tracks.

They are lengthy — two sitting around the eight-minute mark — but they are kaleidoscopic, whimsical and never seem to tire. Refined and densely layered, the EP's six tracks feature an attention to detail and exquisite, Four Tet-like pacing that reveals just what Tings is capable of.