Album Review: Ragdoll - Back To Zero

16 May 2016 | 3:28 pm | Paul Barbieri

"Crunchy riffs, quality vocals and ripping guitar lines."

It's been a long road to releasing a debut album for Perth hard rockers Ragdoll.

The three-piece have dropped some promising EPs but it's still taken six years of touring in Australia and the US before hitting us with Back To Zero. The time's been worth the wait though, as Ragdoll deliver lovely atmospherics on the title-track, while each song shows off some crunchy riffs, quality vocals and ripping guitar lines. It all sometimes gets a little too earnest and the band often sticks with a medium tempo pace. But when they mix things up on the vibrant and playful Kungfoolery, we see a glimpse of how great these guys can be.