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Live Review: Puck, Foxes, Leeches, Beerfridge, Blackwitch

12 November 2015 | 1:29 pm | Mark Beresford

"You'd be hard up to find another venue where everybody can park within 20 metres of the door, order a rum mixer and get a fistful of change from a $10 note."

Soggybones is one of the best new venues in Perth right now. It's smothered in DIY attitude but somehow contains a solid sound in the cages of cyclone fencing and cement, but is also far enough from major social spots that everybody who arrives, wants to be there. You'd be hard up to find another venue where everybody can park within 20 metres of the door, order a rum mixer and get a fistful of change from a $10 note. With a solid house party vibe, it's the perfect setting for a WAM showcase. Originally billed to feature Blackwitch, the last minute cancellation of their set gave Margaret River misfits Beerfridge a chance to load up the wagon and open the night. Beerfridge were by far the drunkest guys in the room, but also the ones having the most fun. Riding the line between punk and thrash, and though they seem like four guys who managed to find some instruments on stage and have a crack, they sound like seasoned headbangers with Don't Lie Down, Broke California and Human Hamburger.

Leeches have been teasing their new album of late and on this night they broke rank to reveal just how good it's going to be. They fired through their setlist quickly thanks to short blasts Junkie, Media Frenzy, Rags and an ode to a 'borrowed' hospital manuscript on how to be a better employee setting the soundtrack for a Beerfridge-inspired slam pit engulfing the front of the stage.

Post-hardcore melodics Foxes are typically stellar live, but worked hard for their time in this instance. Following on from two blistering acts, the technical viciousness of the band catches a few offside. Diving from the stage and playing on the vibrating concrete floor, they're soon surrounded by more than willing punters. Bolstered by a phenomenal sounding rhythm section from guest drummer BeHn Stacy (Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving) they obliterate Stomp The Earthworm and It's Getting Cold, I'm Getting Cold.

The room soon filled with the doomed sludge riffery of Puck at their grinding best. Points, Run From The Pack and Built On Guilt all see the snarling beast that is Puck taking their ferocious bellowing sound into galloping breakdowns. Puck's set is short but definitive and punctuates a night that showcased some of the amazing heavies the West is producing.

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