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Album Review: Planningtorock - Powerhouse

7 November 2018 | 3:15 pm | Guido Farnell

"'Powerhouse' is perhaps Rostron’s most personal and accessible album to date."

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Jam Rostron returns with this luscious excursion into the sweetest synth-pop and seductive electro R&B vibes. While Planningtorock has a fierce reputation for producing experimental and political music, Powerhouse is perhaps Rostron’s most personal and accessible album to date. 

Working stuttering beats and staccato synths, Non Binary Femme is a gleaming futuristic piece of synth-pop that celebrates identity while twirling us around the dancefloor. Playfully taking on iconic artist Tom of Finland, Jam Of Finland bumps and grinds to an insistent groove. Cuts like these very capably evoke a mood or a feeling embedded in the context of pulsating beats.

On the flip side of this record are a selection of tunes that find Rostron quite fondly reminiscing about their family. Dear Brother reflects on difficult relationships with siblings while growing up and Beulah Loves Dancing recalls a teenage sister who made house music mix tapes and loved dancing. Surprisingly, the anthemic title track is a loving reflection on Rostron’s mother, whose love of music also inspired her children. A touch too much but offering so Much To Touch, Planningtorock delivers one of their most satisfying albums.