Live Review: Pierce The Veil, Sliverstein, Beartooth, Storm The Sky

24 August 2016 | 11:35 am | Dearna Mulvaney

Pierce The Veil's Tony Perry walks out to his guitar case and holy music plays when he opens it.

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Melbourne's very own Storm The Sky open up in a dark atmospheric post-hardcore haze. Gone are the days when opening acts were a bit shitty; these guys own the stage like they're playing the headlining spot. Frontman, William Jarratt's vocal is sweet and clean with a scream vocal much like scene favourite, Kellin Quinn. Sin Will Find You, Jaded Ghost and Lilac round out their set. 

Ohio's breakdown kings Beartooth supply tonight's offering of heavy, melt-your-face metalcore. They waste no time jumping in and vocalist Caleb Shomo leans off the stage's edge to snarl in fans' faces. During Dead, Shomo's mic breaks and the band improvise over the heavy riff while it gets fixed. Back on air, Shomo shouts, "Let's hit them with the heavy shit one more time!" and we get another breakdown to mosh to. A singalong breaks out during Body Bag. "One life, one decision," is all you can hear when they wrap up their set. 

Canada's post-hardcore darlings Silverstein keep the mosh jumping with Milestone. This five-piece bring the punk energy and pace. Frontman Shane Told has a Black Flag vibe to his screamed vocals. We get treated to favourites like Massachusetts, My Dagger Versus Your Sword and I Am The Arsonist. A fan throws four Tic Tac boxes on stage and the band love it - bassist Billy Hamilton pockets a pack. Silverstein finish off in a whirlwind with Smile In Your Sleep and In The Dark.

Screams erupt when the stage lights go down, leaving a spotlight on a lone guitar case. Pierce The Veil's Tony Perry walks out to his guitar case and holy music plays when he opens it. Perry grabs the guitar and starts the opening riff of Dive In. It's not long before the rest of the band join in and two huge confetti cannons go off.

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These boys sure know how to put on a show. Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado bounce around the stage playing through constant riff and rhythm changes led by drummer Mike Fuentes. Frontman Vic Fuentes changes vocal lines to show off his impressive range and control. During Bulletproof Love, a fan gets pulled up onto the stage and Fuentes sings to her. Mid-set they switch to acoustic to play Kissing In Cars for the first time.

The crowd is treated to a mix of fan favourites and new tracks including Caraphernelia, Texas Is Forever, The Divine Zero, Bulls In The Bronx, Hold On Till May and Circles. The night ends in a cloud of smoke, a sea of confetti and with guitars thrown across the stage as the final chords of King For A Day ring out.