Live Review: Pierce Brothers, Anna O, Jack Stirling, Turin Robinson

18 November 2015 | 12:50 pm | Sun Mi Clyburn

"Pierce Brothers never fail to move, amaze and entertain."

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Hip hop-folk experimental singer-songwriter Turin Robinson was the first to play at Mojo's Bar, opening up with his meandering guitar arpeggios and his cool and gentle mid-range tones that captured you from the word go.

The fabulous Jack Stirling showed off his impressive outfit and his ability to perform solo and still create a big sound with his tracks. Stirling played a range of eclectic beats mixed with synth-pop. His vocal was unique with subtle falsetto and vibrato croons.

Three-piece indie-pop band Anna O combined electronica and R&B and together with frontwoman Anna O'Neil's warm and powerful vocals created a sound comparable in style and impact to the likes of Adele.

The venue filled up almost instantly as Pierce Brothers made it to the stage. Despite a number of setbacks, including lack of foldback and two snapped strings, they mustered up a surprising amount of energy to deliver a killer performance.

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They played songs from their new EP Into The Dirt — Overdose and Black Dog — as well as much-loved tunes from The Night Tree EP, including It's My Fault, Genevieve and Tallest Teepee In Town. The snapped strings caused some havoc in the setlist, but Pierce Brothers used that as an opportunity to give the audience a little taste of a few pieces they were still working on or had only performed a couple of times on stage, including a tribute to John Butler's Ocean.

Jack Pierce in particular couldn't contain his excitement and kept jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store, calling the fans that came to see them on that Sunday night apparently "the best crowd since Barcelona". The brothers' busking experience definitely came through in their performance, as their antics extended into the crowd and onto the bar, making the whole venue their stage. Jack and Pat  Pierce are known for their unmistakable grassroots sound, energy, flawless harmonies and raw and heartfelt connection with the audience. This performance encompassed all that and more. Pierce Brothers never fail to move, amaze and entertain.