Peter & Bambi Heaven: The Magic Inside

29 March 2016 | 2:52 pm | Fiona Spitzkowsky

"There is something lacking among the glitter and glam-rock."

With their new MICF show The Magic Inside, Peter & Bambi Heaven promise more than your average magic show, declaring themselves triple threats with dancing, magic and more dancing.

While the Heavens certainly deliver some stellar dance moves, and earn waves of laughter from the audience with complete commitment to these absurdly loveable characters, there is something lacking among the glitter and glam-rock. As a parody of a traditional magic show, The Magic Inside could have delved deeper than their jabs at cruise ships and arts activism. The show relied on tired tropes — the beautiful but dim-witted ex-cage-dancing assistant, disgust over female bodily functions — for cheap gags.