Live Review: Pentatonix, Chris Sebastian

12 September 2016 | 12:59 pm | Michael Prebeg

Kevin Olusola takes centre stage and shares his phenomenal multi-talented 'celloboxing 'creation.

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Chris Sebastian proves that musical talent runs in the family as he performs under a spotlight. His acoustic set incorporates an epic medley of pop songs including Robyn's Dancing On My Own, Shawn Mendes' Stitches, Drake's Hotline Bling and Justin Bieber's Sorry. Sebastian puts his own unique spin on each cover with his blend of smooth and soulful vocals, not to mention some ridiculously good vocal-run embellishments that we could listen to forever. Sebastian also plays some memorable original material including his new single Runaway and an anthem for all those mates we know who need to "grow a pair".

Imagine a live music concert without any instruments and only a cappella vocals to carry the tune. Pentatonix do exactly this and so much more than we could ever expect. It really has to be seen to be believed. With a tenor, baritone, bass, mezzo-soprano and beatboxer/vocal percussionist, the American quintet is the definition of a pop supergroup. This is the last Australian show of their world tour and Scott Hoying tells us that they are obsessed with us. Our screams and applause assure them that the feeling is mutual.

They hit the ground running with high intensity vocal marathon mash-ups including some of Michael Jackson's greatest hits and their amazing medley of Daft Punk songs - there's a reason it's received over 200 million views on YouTube. Just when we think their live show can't be any more impressive, Kevin Olusola takes centre stage and shares his phenomenal multi-talented 'celloboxing 'creation. That's right! He plays a prelude from Bach Cello Suite No 1 and shows off his mad beatboxing skills at the same time. The rest of the group slowly join back in and continue to take it to the next level by incorporating French spoken lyrics for Stromae's Papaoutai. Pentatonix take a moment to chill out and sit in bean bags on stage to share a singalong and a few Snapchats with a handful of excited fans. As they continue with some of their own original hits such as Can't Sleep Love and Rose Gold, they are literally pitch-perfect at every moment. Each member takes turns with vocal solos that meld their unique styles into group harmonies.

After encouraging an "Aussie-Aussie-Aussie" call-and-response, Pentatonix put away their microphones. The room becomes dead-silent as we listen intently to an intimate version of Light In The Hallway with nothing but the projection of their combined vocals to leave us completely speechless.

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