Album Review: One Kingdom - 'Science of Change'

26 November 2015 | 11:32 am | Staff Writer
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One Kingdom are the alternative metal revival that we didn't think we would enjoy so much.

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Alternative music, with a slight metalcore twist, is something that has come and gone in this ever changing scene. Bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have all taken the road of melodic singing over harsh breakdowns; however, locally, we didn't always see the same production.

One Kingdom's second EP, 'Science of Change', is a throwback to 2007, a classic look back at the bands the sixteen year-old, angst riddled teen in you once loved. In saying that, for what it is, this specific release delivers in many aspects. Catchy melodic hooks? Check. Intense riffs? Check. Melancholic clean sections? Check. Just listen to 'Breathe', one of the more intense songs from the EP, if you don't believe us.

'Science of Change', while short, packing six songs (including an eerie intro), still contains stand out moments. 'Affiance', the EP's lead single, strikes as a heavy anthem, which could even be compared to something by Dead Letter Circus; atmospheric, heavy and full of rich harmonies, the song is the defining track on the EP. Equally, finisher 'My Sacrifice' follows the anthem inspired feel of the preceding songs, and does so well - an intense and climactic finish to the EP.

The only real gripe with the release is its inconsistency in production quality. At times, the tracks sound super clear whereas other times the songs sound muddy, almost unmixed. Wholly though, 'Science of Change' still sustains the listener's interest and exudes enough promise for future appeal.

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Now, while it is important to note that 'Science of Change' is far from perfect, there are still excelling moments (see the aforementioned 'Affiance' and 'Breathe' as well as the album's climax 'My Sacrifice'). The only issue is, at times, the remainder of the EP feels slightly dated, borrowing from the clichés of the genre. One Kingdom still have the long road ahead of them. But, with time, continued effort and if they follow their atmospheric, heavy influences, we can see them begin to make waves in the Aussie scene.



1. Light of Mine

2. The Adversary

3. Breathe

4. Affiance

5. Science of Change

6. My Sacrifice