Live Review: Old Fashion, Sundown Jury, The Lyrical

17 October 2016 | 2:15 pm | Rip Nicholson

"The riff-heavy band shifted gears through the set from sweet folk to balls-out rock."

The intimate setting of The Milk Factory holds no firm ground for Old Fashion, a band better suited to a larger venue and who seem intent on rocking down the walls.

According to their Facebook page, Old Fashion have been categorised as "Japanese pop" by Spotify. Really they're a Brisbane four-piece making ballad-rock best suited to a Sunday shift of outdoor beers. Tonight, though, they're indoors on the high stage putting out their Sunday best on a Saturday night. Even the bar staff are rocking their Old Fashion tees for the long-awaited launch of the band's EP, What Were We Thinking.

However, before them we are delighted to watch Sundown Jury and The Lyrical (Karl Smith), the latter a rare gem of reggae-roots beatboxing who, after a last minute cancellation, saved the moment by taking on the support slot. And the room shows its appreciation.

Old Fashion open up with new tracks She's A Believer and Caroline off the EP before heading back into some oldies and even a few Rage Against The Machine covers (Guerrilla Radio). As if their set needed the extra push in volume to reverberate through this South Brisbane corner room. The riff-heavy band shifted gears through the set from sweet folk to balls-out rock, lead singer JJ Cole whipping his long hair about, never letting the bedroom venue impede the grandeur of his rockstar stage presence. Nice way to cap off the man's birthday, also.

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Old Fashion rocked The Triffid last month and tonight they hit The Milk Factory with much the same moxie — their music unconstrained to the confines of their surroundings. Expect to hear them ring out even more in the near future. Good job, guys.