Noel Fielding

18 April 2015 | 1:06 pm | Jonty Czuchwicki

"A strong contender for comedy gig of the year."

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Noel Fielding doesn’t just make fun of things; he literally makes fun out of thin air. The uncompromising comic had the audience in unbroken fits of laughter for two hours. An Evening With Noel Fielding is two parts stand-up and one part theatre. The narrative kicks in when Fielding is kidnapped from his own show. Only Fantasy Man and the audience can save the day.

He flows from set up to punchline with ease. Among the written material there is bountiful ad lib, even catering his material to the crowd he is performing to. Fielding’s style of stand-up does not disappoint; filled with impressions and wild imagery there are some sequences only he could ever pull off.

The production was minimal but creative — a projection screen represented the plasticine world of Joey Ramone. This show is highly recommended, and a strong contender for comedy gig of the year.

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