Live Review: Nicki Minaj, Tyga

4 December 2012 | 6:56 pm | Jann Angara

The overstimulation of a very triumphant and exceptionally well-produced show

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This time the full arena is opened to hold a much bigger crowd for Nicki Minaj's second show of the year. Tyga walks on stage in a white jersey and skinnys to start off with No Luck to a sea of pink wigs and snapbacks. His long verses remain crisp through the dark, simple beats that get everyone's hearts pumping. As he blasts into Faded, only the filthy few keep up with his rap, blending into The Motto, which has more joining in all the way to Rack City – the venue goes crazy. He jumps on security to Lap Dance through the floor as he hi-fives every hand then gets “15 ladies” dancing onstage for a Rack City replay.

After the long wait for Queen Barb, lights turn off and we roar as a galaxy is projected onto the stage curtains. As it drops, a blonde Nicki Minaj steps out of a pink rocket in a black leather bra and tutu to Come On A Cone as her dancers hold their poses on the second level of the stage set. Each beat explodes and surrounds the entire venue as graffiti visuals cover the stage screens for Roman Reloaded and Beez In The Trap. She stops to say, “Hello my babies!” and dedicates Make Me Proud to her under-18 barbs, then is lifted up on a platform for Moment Of Life while her dancers move up and down the stage set through hidden passages.

The first wardrobe change has Team Minaj dancing up stairs and sliding down poles in denim booty shorts and heeled sneakers while she raps out The Boys in her pink sequined bra. She continues dancing in her heeled Timberland boots to Stoopid Hoe while the stage screen switches from a ship out at sea to Hotel Minaj. The smoke machines go overtime as even the youngest wigged barbs sing out every work to Super Bass. The next trip has her coming out in a bathtub in pink hair and matching robes to belt out Right Though Me. The pyrotechnics ignite in time with the beat for Fire Burns, before speeding it up again, entering in an inflatable car and raving in her mismatched wedge Mary Janes, getting every foot stomping and first pumping to Doctor Doctor.

Soon she's back in a black leather cap as DJ Headache spins The Re Up tracks. Tyga returns for a quick YMCMB jam, which has all hands up. The Queen Barb exits swiftly again only to return in a white tutu for an impossibly explosive Starships finale. And with a “see you next year!” she finally lets fans exhale from the overstimulation of a very triumphant and exceptionally well-produced show.

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