Live Review: Nicki Minaj - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

22 May 2012 | 3:57 pm | Jann Angara

"She invites some star struck fans who “better know the verse” for a Bottoms Up rap off. The first ‘northsider’ kills it."

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The halved arena is scattered with pink wigs, glow in the dark dresses, oversized bows and multi-coloured leggings. Despite a significantly late start, every 'tween, teen, kid and mother is hyped (and grateful) for this last minute addition to the Pink Friday tour. Nicki Minaj appears in a Vatican robe and her signature blonde Barbie wig, to a united shriek that almost overpowers her Roman Holiday verses. The robe comes off to reveal a fluoro green body suit and sequined, pink hotpants. Her dancers perfectly complement the Kermit/Miss Piggy theme with the ladies in hot pants and leg warmers and the boys adding pink or green stockings to their staple wifebeater and shorts get up. She acknowledges all her “barbs” who adoringly return the love, then says “You're so far! I'm not used to this” referring the gap from stage to the mosh. Minaj continues to rap over her own raps on Stupid Hoe and Beez In The Trap while occasionally joining her dancers in Vogue-like choreographies.

As the team exits for a wardrobe change, DJ Diamond Kutz maintains energy levels by continuing to play Minaj tracks. She swaps her body suit for a white tutu and rocks the house and everyone off their seats with Starships and Turn Me On. The dancing gets saucier and she spanks her team and lifts her tutu to shake her booty for Whip It. Third wardrobe change sees Queen Barbie solo in a pink gown as she shows of her singing skills for ballads like Fire Burns, while the final wardrobe change sees her in a multicoloured tutu which sits above that booty. She invites some star struck fans who “better know the verse” for a Bottoms Up rap off. The first 'northsider' kills it to the delight of the crowd. Minaj continues to play a line by line rap game with the rest of her “barbs” which keeps those who actually came to watch a rap show engaged. She then has everyone side stepping to her Super Bass finale leaving tonight's pop crowd satisfied.