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Album Review: My Enemies & I - 'The Beast Inside'

7 November 2017 | 2:32 pm | Staff Writer
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A worthy listen for any & all metalcore & nu-metal fans.

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Just last week, nu-metal/metalcore group My Enemies & I released their long-awaited debut record 'The Beast Inside'. After securing support slots on tours with the likes of I Prevail and U.S. underdogs Ice Nine Kills in support of their debut EP 'Sick World' over here in the States, the band have been hard at work crafting these eleven songs, and the fans they’ve picked up along the way have been just as excited - if not more so - to listen to what the band's efforts over the past year will finally offer.

With almost twice as many songs as their first EP, this Richmond-based outfit has had far more breathing room to grow on 'The Beast Inside' with wider experimentation. I really feel that said experimentation and variation is a great addition that'll definitely help them reach an even wider audience, all the while keeping listeners on their toes. 

There are a handful of heavy moments on this record that reminds me of the band’s previous work, what with 'Riot' and 'The Game' being the two most notable examples of such heaviness. With the aggressive lyrics and the harsh vocals of frontman Jeff Hill, those two songs could arguably be the heaviest and most aggressive tracks on the entire record, maybe even the band's small but growing discography thus far! 'Riot', in particular, is a track that shows off their clear nu-metal influences as far as the tone, instrumentation and song structure goes. The guitars on this song and the solid breakdown on 'Perfect' both remind me of a lot of the songwriting ideas and instrumentation heard on 'Sick World' - suitably building off what My Enemies & I did just two years. 

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Following in the lyrical footsteps of older tunes like 'Fragile Bones' and 'Reborn' (also both culled from 'Sick World'), 'Save Your Breath' touches quite a bit on the topic of religion and seemingly showcases vocalist Jeff Hill’s opinion on the subject matter. No rewards for guessing what view he has on the topic, however. 

Speaking of the frontman, amongst a lot of other vocalists in today’s metalcore scene, Hill definitely stands out from the pack. Songs like 'Stripe', 'The Beast Inside', 'Lobotomy' and the heavier closing track 'Yes-Man' show off the theatricality he has to his voice and also proves why it’s so unique. In many songs here, Hill shows off his singing skills rather than the screaming that most ME&I fans are accustomed to and show that this album really helped them progress as a band and helped them evolve their sound in the process. Not to mention that the choruses on those songs are just utterly huge and anthemic too! 

Vocals aside, the other members and their instrumentals really flex their talents in songs like 'Stripe', 'Learn To Love', and the energetic 'Black Sheep'. The bass gets a real chance to shine in each of those three tracks, the guitar solo on 'Learn To Love' is incredible, and the drumming in 'Black Sheep', as one example, are hard-hitting AF. 

'The Beast Inside' is a record that really shows My Enemies & I are evolving as a collective entity, making what follows next something to take close note of. If you’re a massive fan of this style of heavy music, then this is one that’s definitely worth a listen!

  1. Perfect
  2. Funeral Party
  3. Save Your Breath
  4. The Game
  5. Riot
  6. Lobotomy
  7. Black Sheep
  8. The Beast Inside
  9. Learn To Love
  10. Stripe
  11. Yes-Man

'The Beast Inside' is out now via Fearless Records.