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Live Review: Mt. Mountain, Puck, Lanark, Dream Rimmy - Rosemount Hotel

28 June 2014 | 5:43 pm | Scott Aitken

With a big backdrop showing psychedelic shots at the rear, it was time for Mt. Mountain to front the Rosemount Hotel.

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Local dream pop outfit Dream Rimmy managed to attract a decent crowd early on with their euphoric sounds, bolstered by the cavernous, reverb-drenched vocals of singer and guitarist Ali Flintoff and a thunderous rhythm section that was powerful enough to rattle the windows and walls of the venue.
Keeping the loose, psychedelic jam feel of the night were post-rock five-piece Lanark, who took to the stage amidst a huge cluster of synths and keyboards. The band kicked off their set with some new jams featuring drawn-out instrumentation and crazy sonic sounds including New San, before playing epic new tracks Gambler and Providence from their debut EP.
Next up was everyone's favourite dream-doom stoner-rock three-piece Puck, who got the crowd head-banging away with new track Points featuring Steve Turnock's jangly, discordant guitar sounds over the top of Andy Campbell's rumbling fuzzed-out bass. Run From The Pack was a clear highlight from the band, with Turnock hovering over the microphone like a man possessed as he delivered the doomy vocals of the song, before Liam Young kicked in with a thrashing drum beat over the heavy riff created by the rest of the band.
With a big backdrop showing psychedelic shots at the rear of the stage, it was time for Mt. Mountain to make their way up in front of the packed audience. The guys moved through an extended jam before an electrifying version of She Runs. Singer Steve Bailey sat behind a stack of keyboards in the middle of the stage as his voice boomed out of the speakers and over the heavy, echo-laden sounds. Bailey grabbed a harmonica for Tomorrow as the band took on some deep Doors/Sleepy Sun vibes with their new space blues number. After Ring Dove the band launched into a huge extended jam that lasted all the way until midnight, leaving the audience overjoyed and cheering them as they left the stage.