Live Review: Morgan Bain, Old Blood, Moana

29 August 2015 | 7:31 am | Shenae Gooley

"Morgan Bain is a difficult artist to pinpoint but definitely not one to miss."

Although the doors opened at 8pm, it took a while for the people of Perth to fill the small venue that is Mojo's, but come 9.30pm that Friday night the place was pulsing. 

The first act off the rank was none other than the indie-rock band Moana. Kicking things off with their psychedelic tunes and vibes, Moana absolutely killed it with the crowd head-banging along. Their stimulating presence on stage, from their music to their outfits, was felt throughout the whole room. Singer Moana Lutton's demanding voice led the crowd's minds all the way back to the '70s. 

After a break, next up was the soulful, traditional rock'n'roll band, Old Blood. Tearing it up from the get-go, this band truly got the atmosphere amplified, busting out into massive guitar riffs and long-lost soulful screams. The crowd of roughly 250 people could only watch in awe as the frontman broke out into air guitar solos, truly letting the music take him. The actual guitar solos were even better! As they worked in unison, somehow with all eyes closed, Old Blood gave the crowd a true musical experience of old-soul rock'n'roll.

As the crowd began to slightly dwindle because of the late hour, the much-anticipated Morgan Bain had begun arranging his set. At about 11.30pm, the one-man electronic-indie band commenced, opening with the eerie and spacey sounds from his bass guitarist and pianist. The crowd grew silent, awaiting the eeriness to be broken by Bain's unmistakable voice.

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And, sure enough, there it was! Ripping through the chaotically layered melody, Bain's voice broke through, exposing his extraordinary talent. The crowd cheered at the sound nearly each time he sang. The punters outside quickly started coming back in to watch the young Australian singer-songwriter perform. Playing soul and electronica to indie-rock, Bain is a difficult artist to pinpoint but definitely not one to miss. With his distinguishable funky soul-twang, Bain is unquestionably WA's newest up-and-coming star.