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Live Review: Moon Duo, Grinding Eyes, Glass Skies

11 December 2015 | 3:37 pm | Chris Familton

"The trio quickly laid down the template for the evening with their Krautrock meets Suicide rhythms."

Opening this evening of psych rock was Glass Skies, who whipped up a hard stoner/space-rock barrage of riffs and grooves for the few early arrivals. The singer/guitarist overplayed his hand with teeth and behind-the-head solos but they nailed the 'rock' aspect of psychedelic music convincingly.

Grinding Eyes enhanced the tripped-out mood of the evening with a sea of projected images flooding the band and stage as they dug out some dark and fine garage/drone nihilist rock sounds. Part Stooges, part Primal Scream, they possess a strong rhythm section led by drummer Cec Condon, which allowed the guitar, juno synth and farfisa organ to carve out some visceral and hypnotic swirling melodies.

This tour sees Moon Duo touring Australia with their live drummer John Jeffrey for the first time, and he made a real difference in adding a human element to the previous repetition and rigidity of their drum machine. With projections creating the effect of a swirling vortex the trio quickly laid down the template for the evening with their Krautrock meets Suicide rhythms, Ripley Johnson's curling, hypnotic guitar phrasing and Sanae Yamada's keyboards, which provided the magical dreamy (and sometimes nightmarish) textures and melodies. To new ears it would have sounded like one extended set-piece, but fans of their music know the subtleties and the reward of tension release when Moon Duo exit their long, head-nodding passages and hit rare and uplifting choruses. The songs from this year's Shadow Of The Sun album stood out with their more precise and brighter sound. Wilding, Night Beat and Free The Skull sounded like T-Rex and Bo Diddley reconfigured into ghostly and psychedelic drone rock and a room full of closed-eyes and trance-induced head nodding was testament to Moon Duo's masterful use of endless simplicity in primal rock'n'roll.