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Album Review: Mindsnare - Unholy Rush

29 March 2017 | 4:33 pm | Mark Hebblewhite

"Technically adept but never pretentious."

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Mindsnare have always existed on their own terms.

In retrospect, then, we probably shouldn't have been surprised that they have decided to drop their first new album in a decade with none of the usual (and tedious) PR build-up. Unholy Rush is an absolute belter — metallicised hardcore (no, Mindsnare are not metalcore) at its finest — technically adept but never pretentious. With 12 tracks (and one intro) spanning just over 30 minutes, not a second is wasted. In fact, you are left wanting more. If you've ever liked Ringworm, Integrity, Motorhead or, for that matter, any number of NYHC or thrash metal outfits, this is for you.