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Album Review: Memphis May Fire - 'Between The Lies (EP)'

15 January 2011 | 8:57 am | Staff Writer
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Another post-hardcore record.

2006 formed post-hardcore band Memphis May Fire released their first EP in 2007 and as they were in the process of recording their debut album ‘Sleepwalking’ in 2009, vocalist Chase Robbins left the band, followed not far behind by bass player Austin Radford forcing the band to shortly put the recording on hold and find some new members. With the instrumental already laid down, the band was only left to find a lead vocalist to record the vocals. As a result of a call out for vocalist on the bands MySpace page, the band finally found current vocalist Matt Mullins.

With a lot of post-hardcore/ metalcore/ nu-metal bands filling the scene at the moment it seems that a band really needs to do something different and interesting to stand out. In the bands previous release, their debut ‘Sleepwalking’ they had that something different, they had a southern twist to their post-hardcore sound, iconic of their Texan roots, however it seems that the uniqueness has now disappeared with their new EP, ‘Between The Lies’ making it somewhat blend in to the crowd that is post-hardcore.

The 5 song EP starts with ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ a great heard hitting opening song, it is evident here the lead vocalist Matt Mullins has grown vocally since 2009’s 'Sleepwalking', he sounds more confident in his screaming and definitely in his singing ability. The super fast double kick drum drumming and the team work of both guitarists Ryan Bentley and Kellen McGregor with their metalcore heavy riffs makes this song a standout on the record, making a relatively great start to the EP

Action/Adventure’ has a similar sound to its predecessor, its fast and energetic with an catchy chorus, it has all the hallmarks of a well put together post-hardcore song, lucky for me i like post-hardcore however can see how this song would sound like all the other post-hardcore songs and bands out there. This song is followed by ‘Vaulted Ceilings’, a more toned down sound then what the record started out with, a surprising addition to a 5 song EP with its synth filled sound, mostly contained with smooth vocals and spaced drums doesn’t really fit well into this short collection of songs

The EP kicks off again with 'Deuces Las Cruces', once again its energetic riff, heavy fast kick drum and aggressive vocals picks up where lead single 'Actions/Adventure' left off. This track is a little more aggressive than the other songs on the album tied back with a catchy well sung chorus. Sounding very similar to the previous, the EP closes with ‘Gingervitus’, this song is quite a good song however without sounding repetitive it does sound like most of the songs on this record, unlike their debut album which has something slightly unique happening, this EP does sound like all the other bands out there in the same scene.

I guess a 5 song EP like this one is intended to give fans a bit of a taste of what’s to come before the band embarks on another full length album, but with this, i think 5 songs is all you need to make up your mind. I have to admit, I am a fan on post-hardcore music, so this record was not terrible for me, however with saying that there really isn’t anything overly unique about this. With so many bands currently in the scene, I have definitely heard this sound before, nothing really special here.

1. Be Careful What You Wish For

2. Action/Adventure

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3. Vaulted Ceilings

4. Deuces Las Cruces

5. Gingervitus