Album Review: Martyr Privates - Martyr Privates

15 September 2014 | 1:01 pm | Brendan Telford

"Martyr Privates comes across as straight-up Texan psych."

For an album that’s been fermenting on the backburner for seemingly aeons, Martyr Privates comes across as straight-up Texan psych.

The juggernaut trudging beat and burr on Someone’s Head; the acid wash groove of Gold Chew;  the wasted elegance of Rope & Tarp, all have the glorious taint of the spiritualised spacemen elevators about them. What makes this a different trip though is the weirdness the Brisbane trio brings to the mix – Cameron Hawes’ distinct Aussie drawl, the dirty growl of Toe The Plank, the excellently garish blitzkrieg of Bless. It’s about time.