Live Review: Mammal, Osaka Punch, Fresh Violet

31 July 2018 | 1:10 pm | Amy Smith

"Mammal are back with a vengeance!"

More Mammal More Mammal

After disbanding in 2009, outspoken frontman Ezekiel Ox stated, "I will never play in Mammal again." A statement, in a tongue-in-cheek move, that Ox wore emblazoned across his chest tonight. Well, thank goodness that this is not the case, otherwise we would not have been treated to the night of eclectic music that descended on the Rosemount Hotel.

First to hit the stage was Fresh Violet, a Melbournian rapper that has currently been taking the hip hop world by storm with her ballsy attitude, genuine talent and highly energetic stage presence. Despite the majority of the room looking on like deer in the headlights, hardly expecting to see a rapper open up the night, Fresh Violet tore through her set as though she were the headliner and won over many new fans in the process.

Next up were Brisbane's Osaka Punch with a set jam-packed with something for everyone to enjoy. Introducing themselves to the stage with the Baywatch theme, they unleashed a mixed bag of musical styles including jazz, funk, pop, technical metal and even Mighty Boosh-style crimping delivered with technical precision that left jaws on the floor! This was all performed with a quirky and engaging sense of fun that left everybody in the building grinning ear to ear.

One thing you can expect from a Mammal show is the unexpected — whether that be witnessing enough costume changes to rival any pop show or ending up face to face with the band's frontman because he does not like being confined to the stage and frequently jumps the barrier.

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Old tunes and new tunes alike whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Classic material such as Clear Enough?, The Majority and Smash The Pinata incited mosh pits and had everyone screaming back lyrics at the band. This year's Dead and Community featured grooves so strong they had everybody in the building moving, bar staff and security included! Fresh Violet was invited back to the stage for a fist-pumping rendition of Maker.

The night ended in anarchy with Ox Inciting riots from the bar tops with a resounding Hell Yeah! from the fans. Mammal are back with a vengeance!