Live Review: MØ

3 May 2019 | 3:56 pm | Michael Prebeg

"The club soon becomes a dance hall as she makes her way through the audience and up to the top of the sound desk."

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Danish electropop singer MØ arrives on stage wearing a pair of Adidas tracksuit pants and a giant black sun hat. She casts a large silhouette against the background as she starts off with a slow number, Purple Like The Summer Rain, from her latest album.

It’s her first-ever solo show in Melbourne (she has previously co-headlined with fellow Scandinavian artist Elliphant and supported Sia on her recent tour) so we can see that she’s super excited to perform tonight. Her energy and stage presence are second to none. The pace quickly picks up and she soon works up a sweat by moving around the stage in every direction. “Let’s all agree that we’re partying tonight – get loose, get drunk and have fun,” she shouts, before getting stuck into her lively track called Red Wine.

MØ mentions that there’s a lot of other gigs on tonight in Melbourne (Post Malone and Billie Eilish) who are also on tour with the Groovin The Moo festival, so it’s no surprise the venue isn’t super packed. It’s a blessing though, particularly for those looking for a bit of room to dance without being squashed by crowds. She dedicates her love song, Nights With You, to all those that chose this intimate gig tonight. The audience loves every second of her performance and the club soon becomes a dance hall as she makes her way through the audience and up to the top of the sound desk. She sculls her plastic wine cup and crushes it in her hand for the full effect. She continues to perform from this spot for the next two songs, Trying To Be Good and Nostalgia.

MØ makes her way back to the main stage for some of her well-known collaborations, including Diplo’s Get It Right, Snakehips' Don’t Leave and her latest Charli XCX feature, If It’s Over, about cheating bastards and how much she hates them. She has such a distinct, versatile voice so there’s no wonder that every one of her collaborations is a hit. She plays one of the first songs she ever released, Pilgrim, and then literally tears the stage up as she rips apart the paper backdrop. MØ really makes her audience feel part of her show, feeding off their energy and excitement and channelling it into her music and movement.

After a quick water break to catch her breath, MØ dives into Lean On (a song she says is very close to her heart). This Major Lazer collab was probably the song that most propelled her career, so it’s one she gives every bit of passion and enthusiasm for live. There’s no surprise that Final Song is the final song, but what is unexpected is when she leaps into the arms of the audience to crowd surf for the final chorus. Her fans hold her up in the air and we share a special moment to finish.