Album Review: Loon Lake - Low Res

4 November 2015 | 3:50 pm | Matt MacMaster

"These guys might have been real pros just pretending to be slackers."

Loon Lake are dead! Long live Loon Lake!

Their last release is a victory lap crammed with bristling summer riffing and roughly sketched masterpieces. Right from the sputtering, rotary engine roar of Maria, Low Res is a ripping listen. Crusty gems like Just Now and Radiator keep the pressure on while The Dream and Surfin' provide enough style and panache to make it seem like these guys might have been real pros just pretending to be slackers. Closing track Winona Ryder might be their high water mark, with a giant Weezer-esqe chorus and a rock solid central riff. It's an earworm to be reckoned with.