Live Review: Loon Lake, Stillwater Giants, Braves

21 October 2015 | 2:01 pm | Mark Beresford

"Leaving nothing behind, frontman Sam Nolan has the time of his life, in constant banter with the crowd."

It's not the stellar start you'd expect from Braves — the band is typically impeccable live with a good catalogue emerging but they've faltered the start on this night. Despite an energetic and accepting crowd the four lads just can't seem to swing it together initially but by the time they get into new track Get It Right, they fire up. Short, sharp and irresistible to dance to, it transforms their set. Following on with a cover of My Girl, and a double hit of True Feelings and the lo-fi goodness of Seapunk, their set ends on a high.

Up next is the welcome return of Stillwater Giants. We haven't seen much from the local outfit for a while so the dropping of a new single and subsequent shows treats us to Fly Under The Radar in all its glory. The now heaving room soaks up the harmonies and lush melodies along with the raucous rhythm pairing as the band launch into Give Into Me. New ditty Patience gets a solid performance but is possibly upstaged by a dedication to guitarist Tom Godden's father in the form of Bruce Springsteen epic Dancing In The Dark which completely decimates the dance floor as every male attempts to recreate the iconic dance and find their Courtney Cox. While the band's request for backflips from the crowd isn't fulfilled despite a rider as a reward, Not Like The Others caps a blistering set.

It's understandable that it's a sold out crowd meeting Loon Lake in their final Perth show ever. The departing band seems to pump out single after single of guitar-driven indie-pop party tracks and live they step things up again. Leaving nothing behind, frontman Sam Nolan has the time of his life, in constant banter with the crowd between Surfin' and a crowd request of The XX cover Angels, joking about accepting offers from other bands and finding kinship within the room due to being lovable 'fuckheads'. With all last hurrahs though, the set-list is as perfect as you could ever hope for, rolling in Hottest 100 hopeful Just Now, The Week, Bad To Me, Cherry Lips and new track Winona Ryder. The stage is a sweaty swirl of energy and smiles. While the expected show of appreciation towards the fans was there, it was no less sincere; this is a band that love playing live and it shows even in the small touches such as the cover (of a cover) in Valerie, and the final swing of In The Summer. The band take their last bow and shift to the merch desk to sign, shake hands and sink tins. Whether you're an early Loon Lake fan or just know that one track you heard on the radio, make sure you head along to these final gigs and see a band that are going out while they can still absolutely kill it live.