Little Death Club

4 February 2019 | 3:33 pm | Aneta Grulichova

"'Little Death Club' is freakish but delightful."

The Edith Spiegeltent in Yagan Square was buzzing with so much excitement for the show that finding a seat was a challenge. With the lights dimmed, German-born comedian Bernie Dieter graced the staged in a black, sparkling, feathered number launching straight into song, going back and forth from English to German. Her interactions with the crowd were hilarious: three men were plucked from the crowd, she called them Man Bun, Business and Beardy. She made them do whatever she wanted. She owned them. All eyes were on her as she made the stage hers.

Beau Sargent blew the audience's minds with flexibility as he bent himself into some interesting positions. His second appearance he took to the air with aerial acrobatics as Mistress Dieter sung an original ballad. Burlesque queen Lolo Brow delighted the audience with her nose and tongue tricks. While we now don't think we can look at condoms the same way, her setting fire to her boobs took the crown.

We got a little more than we expected when Leah Shelton burst onto the stage dressed as a sex doll, lips bigger than Kylie Jenner – she began to striptease to Pussy Riot’s Straight Outta Vagina. Glamonster Gingzilla sparkled in red as she sung her heart out to Tom Jones’ I (Who Have Nothing), while binge-eating her pain away, getting whipped cream and chocolate sauce all up in that beautiful beard. Little Death Club is freakish but delightful.