Album Review: Like Pacific - 'Distant Like You Asked'

22 February 2016 | 10:42 am | Staff Writer
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Same, same, but different.

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Our pop punk reviews are usually textbook: “this album sounds the same as every other album in this scene, should we even describe it?” Like Pacific’s debut full-length, ‘Distant Like You Asked’, is reflective of the genre but not empty at its core like many of its competitors. It remains able to express emotions rather than skipping over airing them realistically in favour of composing words that rhyme better.

Moderately paced, rant-like tunes feature on this release (see: ‘Richmond’), and singalong cuts like ‘22a’ make it easy to resonate with the feelings that drive the record. In particular, despite the power of the potent drums on ‘Commitment’, the vocals on the album overall fuel its sincerity, even if it does sound like a Strepsil is required after the belt out on ‘Chine Drive’.

Enjoyably, the LP exposes its influences to the point that it makes you nostalgic for the pop punk you listened to six years ago. Old Mayday Parade vibes make their way onto ‘Distant’, which balances heartbreaking angst with heartfelt respite.  Even the anger on ‘Worthless Case’ cements the listening experience as tumultuous in a gripping way, enough to keep you interested and to craft a point of difference for Like Pacific in a scene of similarities.

We'll keep it short: basically, Like Pacific have put the ingredients necessary to make a relevant album in a blender and come out with a surprisingly superior product.

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Like Pacific have cracked the secret of pop punk: do it the same, but better. Master it, but keep it authentic. Cry a little in the middle of a song if you have to. Are you listening, fringe-rocking outfits of the world?

1. Richmond

2. Distant

3. Worthless Case

4. Assisted Breathing

5. 22a

6. Commitment

7. Hang

8. Chine Drive

9. Dim

10. Scarred