Live Review: Last Dinosaurs, Palms, The Jensens

12 October 2015 | 1:18 pm | Hattie O’Donnell

"Unexpectedly, Last Dinosaurs had lost a bit of their humble appeal since releasing In A Million Years."

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Indie kids The Jensens opened on Friday with a sequence of poppy-rock tunes that had concert earlybirds squealing from the get go. Despite the teen crowd's enthusiasm, these guys didn't offer up anything too ground-breaking, instead drifting into a not unpleasant sound somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and early Foals.

Palms were, as always, full to the guts with energy and indie-rock goodness, and instead of playing in their usual gritty bar setting (coupled with overenthusiastic teen antics), Enmore made it feel almost like a school assembly. Playing classics like Love, Summer Is Done With Us, and new track Bad Apple, Palms bought an awesome energy to the stage that was refreshing and much needed. Stealing the show, they were genuine and heartfelt in their music and banter with the crowd.

Palms also previewed a moody new track off their upcoming album (Crazy Rack) for the first time, titled No More. This "sexy downbeat duet" was a good indicator of what to expect from their forthcoming album — a lot of raw, powerful tunes. Even though Palms were as energised as ever, the only downside was the technical difficulties which made it hard to hear the lead singer and lead guitarist. Unfortunately for Last Dinosaurs, this carried over into their part of the gig too, deflating their usually upbeat tracks considerably.

Unexpectedly, Last Dinosaurs had lost a bit of their humble appeal since releasing In A Million Years, and took the stage with a different attitude. As they opened with Evie, the accompanying video projections for the tracks off their new album were reminiscent of Windows Media Player visualisations. The slower version of the normally energised Weekend brought the mood down slightly, but the main consolation was that the 16-year-old audience members seemed not to care and enjoyed themselves anyway.

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