Live Review: Kisschasy, Tired Lion

17 November 2015 | 2:37 pm | Joseph Wilson

"With crunchy power chords and addictive vocals from lead singer Darren Cordeux, the band got the punters in motion."

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Kisschasy's Perth outing for their Farewell United Paper People tour was a show filled with as much sadness as celebration. It's a show that was shoe-horned into the tour due to popular demand, and Perth concert-goers were grateful to see their favourite band play.

The set was very much a celebration of their burgeoning discography, peppered with songs from their three albums. Marking a whole decade since the release of United Paper People, the show was an opportunity to give fans old and new a chance to see Kisschasy's rapturous pop-punk energy one last time.

Local grunge outfit Tired Lion smashed out their set with lead singer Sophie Hopes' vocals piercing the venue. Setting the mood of the concert, Tired Lion's music undulated from quiet, minimalistic verses to overtly destructive choruses. I Don't Think You Like Me was a highlight of their set, with Hopes belting out jaded, cynical lyrics and the rest of the band thrashing out at the crowd on their guitars, the audience getting their prescribed dosage of dirty grunge. A band that continues to deliver each time they hit the stage, Tired Lion was meteoric.

Kisschasy emerged onto the stage amidst roars from the crowd. They jumped straight into their set with Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's, evoking a feeling of nostalgia. With crunchy power chords and addictive vocals from lead singer Darren Cordeux, the band got the punters in motion, with many heads banging in time with the drumbeat.

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With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends? followed, adding more uplifting pop-punk; heartfelt lyrics meant emotions abounded. Water On A Stove was played at the set's halfway point, adding an element of crunch to the band's tone. Things took a step back with The Shake, which showcased Cordeux's lilting and contemplative vocals. United Paper People kicked the set into a heavier direction, with tsunami-like waves of guitar drowning the punters.

Kisschasy finished off their show with a fairly meaty encore, comprising popular hits like Dinosaur, Strings And Drums and finally Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night. With each song bringing the ending closer, the band went out as they started: as a premier, crisp Australian pop-punk band.