Live Review: Kingswood, Old Blood, Filthy Apes

30 November 2015 | 2:46 pm | Joseph Wilson

"This band can give you a big stadium feel in a tightly packed venue and maintain that vibe throughout the set."

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Filthy Apes kicked off the Kingswood gig at Jack Rabbit Slim's with chimp-like fervour — even a cynical Dr Zaius would be proud of the set. Smashing out piercing guitar riffs and vocals of tsunami-like proportions, the vibe was what was expected from such a band. A stock-standard stadium-esque sound helped the band meet expectations and ultimately set up the mood for the rest of the gig. Reservoir Dogs was a highlight, throwing a dirty, apathetic punk attitude right into the punters' faces. The group lived up to their band name, with a tenacity reflecting that of monkeys throwing faecal matter at zoo visitors.

Old Blood smoothed their way through the gig with a set that paid homage to a blues era gone by. The most memorable aspect of their performance were the antics of lead singer Tony Papa-Adams, who played the air guitar through some tracks, emphasising his passion for the music. The presence of a slow, swinging beat was the backbone of Old Blood's performance, allowing the punters to undulate to the dulcet tones of the bluesy guitar solos and sharp, stabbing chords.

Kingswood's presence sent the crowd into overdrive, with the nature of the music becoming infectious. A few tracks in, the music started to become familiar. The band's sound felt achingly like a halfway point between Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. This did not imply the band was lazy; it just showed the band's sound was on the right track. Halfway through the set, things had gotten heated in the front row and lead singer, Fergus Linacre, admirably stopped the music, calming things down.

The night wore on and some well-known tracks were played including Ohio, She's My Baby and Sucker Punch. Kingswood continued to up the ante, with each successive track seeming to get louder and more energetic. Although the band didn't seem to excel or stand out, there was an element of consistency in their performance, and that is what is really the selling point. It's the fact that this band can give you a big stadium feel in a tightly packed venue and maintain that vibe throughout the set.

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This wasn't a show for punters after an enlightening experience, but for those who are after something classic and raw. Although Kingswood didn't deliver a knockout performance, they didn't pull punches either.