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Album Review: Killing The Dream - 'Fractures'

8 October 2008 | 6:19 pm | Staff Writer
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Deathwish can do no wrong

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Being a teenager in the nineties was fantastic, because I was fortunate enough to be a member of the music buying public during Fat Wreck and Epitaph’s glory years. It seemed every release that bared the logos of these now legendary labels was something to marvel at, so much so, that I would often purchase records without even listening to them first, simply because I was confident that the label in question wouldn’t put it’s name to an inferior product. 

Fast forward to 2008 and history is repeating itself, as Deathwish continues to release quality record after quality record, with the latest effort from California’s Killing The Dream being no exception. Armed with blistering tempos, a rough as guts production job and a powerful vocal delivery, the (still) young five-piece have added another notch to their already impressive belt, as Fractures is one of the stronger hardcore/punk releases of the year. 

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After the gentle introduction of “Re (acquaintance)”, the band kicks into top gear with “Part II (Motel Art)”, a song that manages to maintain a strong sense of melody amidst a flurry of dirty riffs and hectic drum fills, while the album’s title track shows just how diverse this band’s song writing chops are, with a far more staggered and sprawling approach being taken this time round. “Thirty Four Seconds” manages to make a tired formula sound fresh, as the above standard riffs and overall dynamics of the song further separate Killing The Dream from the rest of the pack. 

The intensity of “Consequence” and “Everything But Everything” ensures that none of the record’s momentum is lost, with each track incorporating a heavy mid-section into their already aggressive mix. “Hang The Jury” is about as subtle as a kick to the face, while “We Were” and “You’re All Welcome” trade in the band’s metallic elements for a more traditional punk rock approach. It’s a shame “Thirteen Steps” only goes for forty-seconds, as it’s some of the most engaging music that Killing The Dream have to offer, although it does act as a nice pathway into the dirty “Holding The Claws”, which just leaves the aptly titled “Resolution” to close out the record.

Fractures is a great release from start to finish, one that has ensured both Killing The Dream and Deathwish will continue to leave their mark on an already impressive scene. 

  1. (Re) acquaintance
  2. Part II (Model Art)
  3. Fractures
  4. Thirty Four Seconds
  5. Consequence (What Comes Next)
  6. Everything But Everything
  7. Hang The Jury
  8. We Were
  9. You’re All Welcome
  10. Thirteen Steps
  11. Holding The Claws
  12. Resolution