Kate Wilkinson: Running On Ice

24 March 2016 | 2:34 pm | Cyclone Wehner

"Kate Wilkinson has the makings of a stand-up star."

Kate Wilkinson has the makings of a stand-up star.

She has telegenic presence, commanding the stage even at an empty, offbeat venue. Wilkinson's MICF solo premiere Running With Ice riffs off an obscure Billy Joel song, the comedian noting that her hero isn't "cool". She jumps from topic to topic — from Tinder to her electronics retail job (not at Dick Smith) to dealing with kids and (once) being a kid... But Wilkinson's show needs stronger material. Plus she might modulate her delivery, and sharpen her narratives, so the audience can keep up. The funniest bit? Her wild suggestion for US President. Alas, she ended the preview early.


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