Live Review: Kasra, Sabre, Jazza, Deflo

16 August 2012 | 11:10 am | Angela King

There is nothing more depressing than an empty club. Or so I thought, until I had to wait in line for nearly 30 minutes at Shape on Wednesday night. Bouncers milled around but the gate remained closed while a decent crowd began to assemble. Unfortunately for Deflo, the first DJ of the night, we were only privy to half of his set. Lucky for us, Deflo is no newcomer, nor are the sets he plays just filler until the main event. Aside from mixing talent and quality tune selection, what is so great about Deflo is, no matter what time he plays or how many (or few) people in the venue he always does so at his best.

Jazza took over next and continued to blend smooth sounds, albeit with a sprinkling of pop/drum'n'bass. It always feels like summer when Jazza is behind the decks. Though, if we were to apply a season to each DJ, Sabre and Kasra would comfortably be the hosts of a long winter. Sabre cuts an imposing figure but his huge smile disarms; not that appearances are paramount when you whip up one of the more exciting yet deep sets of drum'n'bass that this reviewer can attest to have heard for a long time. At least, that was until Kasra took over. Being a Wednesday, you can excuse the lack of crowd, but where numbers were low, energy was high. New dance moves were invented and hangovers were guaranteed. Can't ask for much more than that.