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Live Review: Jurassic 5, Total Eclipse, Mr Hill & Rahjconkas, Schoolfight

24 March 2014 | 2:46 pm | Paul Mulkearns

J5 play too many great songs to mention, but Quality Control, High Fidelity, Without A Doubt and What’s Golden really get the crowd moving.

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A slice of hip hop history is what we're witnessing tonight, with Jurassic 5 having reunited for their 20th anniversary. Schoolfight have the instruments of a rock band, but the soul of a hip hop crew. The MC is on point but the real star is the trumpeter. They really get the crowd ready for things to come, with a mini-mosh pit forming for Local Heroes. This reviewer highly recommends seeing them live if you like Aussie hip hop.

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas are a more traditional rhyme duo. Their production is top notch and their energy is peaking the entire time; anytime they drop into an a cappella the crowd goes nuts. Finishing with their soon to be released Non Stop, everyone in the room is primed and ready for Jurassic 5 to hit the stage.

However, Total Eclipse of The X-Ecutioners jumps on for a brief interlude, making half the crowd lose their minds. Seriously a great turntablist, taking us back to the old-school, cutting and scratching tons of classics, from Fatman Scoop to Daft Punk's Robot Rock. It really is a sight, never giving us a break to catch our breath, but everyone is eating it up.

Style? Jurassic 5 have still got it. By the time the giant turntable is unveiled, the excitement in the room has reached critical level. Then one by one the MCs hit the stage and introduce themselves in the form of Back 4 You, an apt start for a reunion tour if ever there was one. For each performer the crowd shows its maximum appreciation. No doubt people rocking up to work on Monday will be unable to speak if they keep this up.

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The transition between songs is perfect, with everyone still shouting as they recognise each tune. Then Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark show their skills with all kinds of strange and wonderful equipment. Chemist's guitar/turntable, Nu-Mark's chest drumkit and of course the giant turntable in the middle of the room gets a good workout. They really know how to put on a show. The MCs come back onstage for Concrete Schoolyard, which everyone sings two refrains of. Also, we didn't expect to see live kazoo, but we love it. J5 play too many great songs to mention, but Quality Control, High Fidelity, Without A Doubt and What's Golden really get the crowd moving.

DJ Katch and MC DNO are in fine form on hosting duties all night, and no, people are not going to have their voices on Monday.