Live Review: Josh Pyke, Banff

22 February 2016 | 4:20 pm | Will Oakeshott

"For now Pyke But For All These Shrinking Hearts have grown and been filled, thank you."

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Benjamin Forbes aka Banff did succeed in capturing attendees' attention mostly thanks to his incredibly polite demeanour and charm, which accentuated his obvious talent rather impeccably.

An apparent influence would have to be Thom Yorke, who Forbes could channel quite well, with a very similar croon and even a hint of Jeff Buckley. Forbes was able to be vulnerable, romantic, sophisticated, submissive and honest with his songs which included All Again, Stand In Line and The Great Unknown as highlights, but at times he also seemed stoic when he lost himself in his music. This was completely forgotten when Forbes decided to just play as himself without his band which elevated his dynamism and truth be told, if he were to tour again soon, a much more intimate venue with just himself and a guitar would be a really special occasion indeed.

It would be safe to assume that a lot of Josh Pyke's fans who had come along this evening probably missed his last Adelaide performance due to its limited access (a very cosy show at the Grace Emily). Pyke was certainly ready to thank his followers properly this time around and with an actual band in tow, this was going to be an amazingly cinematic experience. Appearing with a Johnny Cash stance, the renowned charm of Pyke was impossibly infectious. From the comforts of the plush seats most people were enthralled, engaged and magnetised to the storyteller/songwriter; it was without doubt a unique performance. Songlines, Sew My Name, The Lighthouse Song, Goldmines, Forever Song, The Beginning And The End Of Everything, Don't Wanna Let You Down, Be Your Boy, Lines On Palms, Hollering Hearts, The Summer, Make You Happy, Middle Of The Hill, Doing What You're Told, Warm In Winter and Vibrations In Air were high points. Pyke completely captured and captivated the entire venue. For this writer, more songs from the brilliant Only Sparrows album would have made the show faultless; for now Pyke But For All These Shrinking Hearts have grown and been filled, thank you.