Live Review: Jamie xx, Tornado Wallace

11 January 2016 | 2:38 pm | Jonty Czuchwicki

"There isn't anything that renders his mixing any better than a lot of house DJs on the international circuit."

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Tornado Wallace was the primary support for Jamie xx. Wallace's set was a well balanced and tasteful blend of minimal house with a heavy disco edge. It's difficult to say whether the quaint and delicate selection of tracks was so as not to play down Jamie xx when he came on, though that's not to say it was not a sophisticated setlist. The lengthy performance progressed slowly and over time. You can tell that Tornado Wallace would be well suited to classy outdoor parties, perhaps even on a yacht. The standout aspect of this opening jaunt was just how sophisticated Tornado Wallace's taste in music is. It likely went over the head of many patrons in the crowd.

In the space of an hour the large interior of the Thebarton Theatre had filled substantially, rendering most patrons shoulder to shoulder. As Jamie xx took the stage there were cheers from the audience. Mixing on vinyl, all it took was for Jamie xx to lay down his first track for the entire crowd to erupt into movement. Jamie xx took to cutting bass heavy tracks, leaning towards what the kids are these days referring to as 'bangers'. Thankfully Jamie xx's volume was close to doubly as loud as Tornado Wallace. You could probably attribute this spike in noise to the crowd's reaction. Keeping the set fast-paced and very groovy it was clear that Jamie xx cut his tracks together as much for his own enjoyment than for that of anyone else. Though talented in his own right, one thought did permeate as he performed... besides being renowned for his work in The xx there isn't anything that renders his mixing any better than a lot of house DJs on the international circuit. This is just something to consider, but when all things are considered, Jamie xx still brought the party out to Thebarton Theatre in full force.