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Album Review: I Am Heresy - 'Thy Will'

22 March 2014 | 1:36 am | Staff Writer
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An album that is aggressive, powerful and full of raw emotion.

I Am Heresy is the project of Boysetfire vocalist, Nathan Gray, which he created to “live out his love for dark, violent noise” as opposed to the general post-hardcore sound his mainstay is renowned for offering. ‘Thy Will,’ drifts towards a metal hardcore fusion, exploring the different areas of metal while creating something more aggressive and motivated.

The claim of a heavier sound is met straight away with the first track, ‘Rahabh.’ The guitars are fast paced while the vocal style reflects the band's previous hardcore sounds mixed with a punk vibe. You can however hear the underlying hardcore influence. It doesn’t make for a bad sound but whether it is enjoyable or not is all up to personal taste.

The punk influence throughout the full-length is quite noticeable whether through the sound itself or just the concepts the group sing about. There is no doubt that I Am Heresy are trying to produce something good here with songs that root for the outcasts and the minority musical fans. The aggression and heaviness that penetrates throughout accompanies these messages well and really gets across the point.

The boys try to explore the metal genre with lots of different inspirations cpming through. ‘March of Black Earth,’ shows some contrast between the use of hardcore vocals, some more heavy metal vocals and the use of cleans. The melodic chorus and layered vocals create something that comes across quite powerful and exciting.

'Thy Will' is moving and very aesthetically powerful. The latter half of the record is a real onslaught. Overall, I Am Heresy have some work to do but this album shows an achievement and a stepping stone for them.

'Thy Will' is a powerful album with some raw emotion and aggression. It manages to convey its message well and is a great achievement from I Am Heresy. Their sound needs a little bit of work still but this album is a good one to listen to for fans of the genre. Nothing about this album feels fake or over thought, but rather it all feels like it is straight from the heart. 

1. Rahabh

2. Our Father

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3. March Of Black Earth

4. Year Zero In The Temple Of Fire

5. Destruction Anthems

6. Thy Will II (Black Sun Omega)

7. Blasphemy Incarnate

8. As We Break

9. Alarm

10. Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse

11. Devour

12. Throw Wide The Gates

13. Hinnom II (This Is The Second Death)