House Of Marley Legend ANC Over-Ear Headphones

11 December 2015 | 1:22 pm | Staff Writer

Put on a pair House Of Marley Legend ANC over-ear headphones and forget all of your problems.

The reference to their Active Noise Canceling technology in the title suggests that from outset, and their comforting design - provides enough support to sit well and steady without putting too much pressure on the listener - reinforces that before the sound they produce seals the deal.

Soothing, deep and warm bass combine with clear mid-tones and crisp highs for the sort of clarity serious music lovers look for in over-ears.

Looks don’t matter when it comes to headphones that feel and sound this nice, but that hasn’t stopped House Of Marley in the past, and they don’t stop here. Slick canvas fabric meets birch wood and stainless steel for a subtle yet bold finish that is a little more streamlined than their usual finish and makes for a nice change of pace.

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They’re a bit weighted, but designed in a way that doesn’t become overbearing during long listening sessions, which is aided by the soft leather ear cushions. House Of Marley have also continued with the collapsible design trend which, when accompanied with nice case, makes them idea for travel.

If you can justify spending around $350 for a solid pair of headphones – which most music lovers can - you wouldn’t be wrong in giving the House Of Marley Legend series a go.