Album Review: Hightime - 'Ishi Prende'

4 December 2011 | 11:00 pm | Staff Writer
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Party style reggae tinged punk.

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Party punks Hightime have just released their debut full length album which features thirteen tracks of abrasive, fun loving ditties for the kids to mosh to. Led by female vocalist, Nina, whose can go from her thick Aussie “sing talking” to a guttural scream at the flick of a switch, the Frenzal torch could easily be passed onto this group.

They already have the subject matter covered as opening track Beer Garden, a song about wasting the day away in, yes, a beer garden, covers off in its quick one minute timeframe. The lyrical themes are not always so light on however, as more serious topics are touched on, such as the motivational quote calendar that is Reject, a fast paced, melody heavy number which makes for one of the album highlights.

The reggae tinged sounds of Lay Low, which rear their heads in sections of other songs as well, are a good example of the different ideas that Hightime intertwine with their punk sound. This track also exemplifies what Nina is capable of when straight singing in softer moments showing that there may be more than meets the ear where her vocal abilities are concerned.

Recorded at Adelaide's Capital Sound Studios, which seems to be a haven for quality sounding records of late, the tones captured suit the songs perfectly. Moving from the fuzzed out gutter punk guitars, where necessary, in the heavier parts to a smooth clean sound in the crazy funky body mover, Plug Your Feet. To shift from the chilled out vibe of this track to the sporadic and energetic noise of To Spoil, a heavy song that seems to be driven by clean guitars strangely enough, is exactly why 'Ishi Prende' will keep you guessing all the way through.

There is more than enough variety found here to push this record up and over the many other punk lacklustre punk releases this year. The pop punk happy vibes of Figure This Out, jump to the short blast of mayhem that is Nothing To Stop, and the instrumental title track. Musically it seems like Hightime can perform any genre they desire seamlessly.

Hightime have successfully combined various musical influences into the one punk sound which makes for a punk rock record that never becomes stagnant or sounds too repetitive. The fact that there is an underlying feel good theme to most of the songs adds to the appeal of a strong debut release for this group.

1. Beer Garden

2. Lag Behind

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3. Reject

4. Lay Low

5. Plug Your Feet

6. To Spoil

7. Figure This Out

8. Share Your Smokes

9. Don't Move Away

10. Nothing To Stop

11. Ishi Prende

12. Loan Shark

13. Die For Something